Vic, the Unsettling Changeling


Vic is a very dexterous Changeling ranger. Vic arms himself with a longbow and arrows and generally relies on accuracy, perception, and the ability to maneuver through obstacles in an efficient fashion.

He also specializes in falling out of trees at the worst possible moments, as climbing trees requires an Athletics check, based on Strength and not Dexterity, which is totally stupid.

Additionally, he has inexplicably earned the affection respect slightly-less-disdain of Humboldt, the disembodied skull familiar of the party’s resident witch.


He can look like a passable doppelganger for your high school crush. He’s pretty unsettling in that “uncanny valley” sense, where he’s pretty convincing, but you know that something is off enough to not trust whatever you’re looking at.

For more information on the uncanny valley, visit your local library or This Wikipedia Link.


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