Champions of the Verdant Order

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October 23, 2010

On this day, the heroes of the adventure mopped up the last of the kobold forces attacking the Town of Grenfeld. Just when victory seemed sure, a number of strange tentacled creatures appeared. They killed two of the town guards before they could be driven off. The Captain of the Guard, Hans, informed the heroes that these attacks have been going on for months. He asked them to make their way to the village of Woodend and from there to move on to the Kobold base at the old castle.

The heroes then interrogated a kobold named Nix that they captured during the raid. Based on the information they gained, the heroes set out for Woodend.

After arriving in Woodend, the town is attacked by kobold raiders. These raiders manage to free the prisoner Nix and make off with some of the villages animals.


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