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Champions of the Verdant Order

Welcome to the game wiki. This is the place to find out all sorts of information about the world in which the game takes place, as well as keep track of your character.

Game Summary

The denizens of the Far Realm are attempting to invade the material world. With no gods to help repel the invasion, the heroes must rely on their own abilities and the power of nature itself to defend the world. However, there are some mortals who, having tasted the madness of the Far Realm, long for more, and would aid the invasion and plunge the world into darkness.

Cast of Characters

Player Characters

Janisa Half-elf Swashbuckler
Aelar Elf Witch – On a seperate journey now
Garin Threst Dwarf Barbarian
Arden Well-Flask Human Alchemist
Vic Changeling Ranger
Sorsha Human Skald

…and more

Non-player Characters

Nix A troublesome Kobold (deceased)
Davian Marcus Leader of the Wayfinders guild.
Athanil A member of the Order of the Riven Stone, who has betrayed his allies.


Duchy of Karn : A sparsely populated region controlled by humans. Bordered to the north by Ravensong Forest and to the west by the mountains of Undermark.
Grenfeld : A trade town.
Woodend : A small village on the frontier.
Ravensong Forest : The domain of the Wood Elves.
Undermark : A dwarven kingdom. Frequently plagued by goblin attacks.
Stonebrook : A human town locate near the northwest border of the Duchy of Karn. Frequently a cross-road of trade between humans, elves, and dwarves in times of peace.
The Riven Stone : A curious landmark located near Stonebrook. This site is said to have the power to make treaties and oaths binding.
Draethor Long abandoned mountain kingdom of the Deva.
Duponde Small mountain village famous for its granite quarry. Located near the manor formerly occupied by Evard.
Calais A coastal city, famed for its rival guilds, colleges, and companies.

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