Champions of the Verdant Order

October 11, 2015

The Adventure Continues

March 18 – Arden Well-Flask, Garin Threst, Janisa, and Vic arrive in the City of Calais, and find lodging at the Haughty Booksellers. With the departure of Aelar, who stayed at Evard’s manor in order to further her research, and the roaming bard, who decided to try his luck teaching at the local Bardic college, the remainder of the party is concerned that they do not have the power needed to take on Athanil. To this end, they begin checking around the city for a suitable commrade. They find Sorsha at the Bleeding Boatswain, and convince her to join them in working to rid the world of the aberrant threat.

March 19 – Early in the morning, an explosion rouses the party. Going to investigate, they find the Iron Horse Depot in disarray. A train engine apparrently exploded. As the party begins to investigate, magical assassins appear, and attempt to kill the company foreman. The party is able to drive the assassins away, but is unable to capture or subdue any of them.


proteus proteus

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